Coach Peter Taylor

11297851_766779183435111_149342626_nPeter Taylor has been running ultras for the past ten years. He races in many of the ouser series in Ontario and is inspired by running in beautiful places like Frontenac, and Killarney provincial park.

A racing highlight was placing second at the sinister 7. A challenging 148 km in crowsnest pass Alberta. Peter likes to involve his two year old daughter in his training by doing hill repeats pushing her up and down the valleys where he lives.

Running also is perfect cross training for being a full time artist, painting the many landscapes that he spends time in.


Some Running Accomplishments

Sinister 7 : 6th place 2012 19:17
Sinister 7 : 2nd place 2013 17:57
Laura secord 100 km: 2nd place 2014 12:27
Killarney La cloche silhouette trail 80 km solo: 11:17
Dirty girls 12 hour: 1st place (c.r.) 2014 108 km
Haliburton 50 mile: 2nd place 2014 7:57